Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yet again and more of the same

It's been a long time that I posted something new, so here is another mind dump . Just hope it does not stink, else you know what to do ;) .
So for a while I have been thinking something's got to give... and lo and behold it is Arabia. Ok, ok it might just be a coincidence, but what a great one. I am, like millions of people around that region - energized, about the future. In all things bleak, including a wetter and colder winter (due to global warming - huh? ), a stock portfolio with negative gradient (amongst generally rising stock markets), an economically challenged job market with demand supply ratio less than 1 (ok go figure the equation) and many other bleaks... there is suddenly a bright spot.
Really folks, where is all this revolution going to lead Arabia and the rest of the world. So far its seems the USofA is letting practice what it preaches, but I bet even the brightest scenario planners might be struggling to keep pace with the changes. For a moment let our imagination run ahead of us, and imagine all the dictators around the region gone. Then what ?
How do you channel the aspirations of hundreds of millions of revolutionaries into tangible benefits in short amounts of time, past the evident benefits of liberty and democracy.
How do you create jobs, industry, equitable social fabric - you need another revolution, this time an economic one.
I for one am watching the events unfold with rapt attention - but the real question is what can I and you do more than just watching ? jusouno !

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