Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally I have my own blog

I have been thinking about creating my own blog for a long time and for a long time procrastination got the better of me. So why now?
Lets just say I ran out of mental hdd space and have no slots for a memory stick. In other words I have a whole lot of ideas and thought this would be the best medium to record those. And get instant feedback on the incredible insanity of those ideas. (note to self - create filter for the comments section)
Not to mention this also fulfills my long standing desire to be a writer.

So what are some of those thoughts:
I have been to too many gatherings where people complain about facebook. Ok admit I have been hanging out with some folks who are older than me. Still some of the complaints were hilarious, and they all have to do with having to read/know/hear about trivial and insignificant, not to mention dumb facts about other people's lifes who happened to eb "friends" with them.
Ok I had the same reaction, why log in or join facebook - Simple answer, need to be in the know.
So the only way out of this conundrum folks have would be to create several groups of friends/family etc.
Is Mark Zuckerberg listning?