Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another New Year

So another year just flew by, at least as per the Gregorian calendar, and it’s the time to reflect back and look forward. Although I have not yet figured out why the world does so only on one day of the year, (and why not every day), I embrace the popular sentiment to come up with my own reflections and aspirational resolutions (with expiry dates in the past).
As for the reflections, it appears to me that 2015 flew by very fast, the only upside of which was a firsthand experience with the theory of relativity of time. On one hand, oh how I would love to slow down time and continue to experience this age of innocence, discovery and pure bliss with my 4-year-old daughter. On the other hand, oh how I would love to speed up time such that my just turned teenager can quickly complete his experience of guilt, discovery and shades of evil.
The only other reflection worth reflecting about is that Starbucks has managed to sell copious amounts of crappy coffee to millions of Americans for one more year. However, I do believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and am sure that the species Americanus Publicus will evolve and appreciate good coffee, one day. Till that time I continue to short SBUX and lose money.
I do have a whole lot of resolutions for 2016, one of which is to embrace brevity, mostly. So keeping with that I will limit my resolutions to a few and brief.
Live life everyday and let it happen.
Only thing constant in life is change, including the resolutions.
If you haven’t heard from me in 2015, I’ll definitely try in 2016.
Speaking of which – Wish you the best of everything, everyday.
Happy 2016 !

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social media + three

Now that I have managed to get a Google+ account on the 4th day of the launch, and have sent the invite to all my eager and not so eager social circle, I am wondering about the future of all Social media sites. Once all those who are connected to me and all those who are connected to those who are connected to me, and all those who are not connected to those who could not connect to me, have seen the latest "out in the park with the kids" album posted by Jane....they will all collectively roll their eyes, let out a long sigh and wonder. Hope they do wonder, what next?

Really, what is next? We will probably conduct all our business of "digital" living online, and when we are not online, perhaps our avatar might still be conducting more of our digital business. Imagine the shot in productivity we can accomplish by letting loose a few of our selves online. Well, maybe not letting loose, but setting out for a list of tasks. If only I had 3 of my own digital bots, or avatars, I could give Bill Gates a run for his money.

I would name them Me, Myself and I. They would be identical to my personal self in all aspects, but only exist online. Me will be on Facebook, Myself will be on Google + and I will be on Twitter. (Notice there are only three of them, in any case LinkedIn is so passe.) The three of them, I mean me's, would represent myself online and do everything on my behalf, while I am actually doing some real work, or a lot of work.

Imagine the three of them can interchangeably troll on the other's site, without actually being labelled a troll, since all of them are essentially the same. So I can go to FB and myself can tweet, while me is on G+, all at the same time that the real real me is schmoozing the boss-woman.
Imagine also that I can have two more point of views and can take much smarter choices. But I do have to be careful and make sure that myself is providing honest opinions to me and vise versa.

What if the three of them start drinking the kool-aid of their respective social media sites, and get a little competitive amongst each other. What if the going gets tough and a full fledged digital war breaks out between me, myself and I. How will the real person me remain impartial between the three digital me's, as I can already see me drawn to the new and shiny G+. It will be tough for me and I to compete with myself, at least till there is a brand new social media site.

Well you get the point.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yet again and more of the same

It's been a long time that I posted something new, so here is another mind dump . Just hope it does not stink, else you know what to do ;) .
So for a while I have been thinking something's got to give... and lo and behold it is Arabia. Ok, ok it might just be a coincidence, but what a great one. I am, like millions of people around that region - energized, about the future. In all things bleak, including a wetter and colder winter (due to global warming - huh? ), a stock portfolio with negative gradient (amongst generally rising stock markets), an economically challenged job market with demand supply ratio less than 1 (ok go figure the equation) and many other bleaks... there is suddenly a bright spot.
Really folks, where is all this revolution going to lead Arabia and the rest of the world. So far its seems the USofA is letting practice what it preaches, but I bet even the brightest scenario planners might be struggling to keep pace with the changes. For a moment let our imagination run ahead of us, and imagine all the dictators around the region gone. Then what ?
How do you channel the aspirations of hundreds of millions of revolutionaries into tangible benefits in short amounts of time, past the evident benefits of liberty and democracy.
How do you create jobs, industry, equitable social fabric - you need another revolution, this time an economic one.
I for one am watching the events unfold with rapt attention - but the real question is what can I and you do more than just watching ? jusouno !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally I have my own blog

I have been thinking about creating my own blog for a long time and for a long time procrastination got the better of me. So why now?
Lets just say I ran out of mental hdd space and have no slots for a memory stick. In other words I have a whole lot of ideas and thought this would be the best medium to record those. And get instant feedback on the incredible insanity of those ideas. (note to self - create filter for the comments section)
Not to mention this also fulfills my long standing desire to be a writer.

So what are some of those thoughts:
I have been to too many gatherings where people complain about facebook. Ok admit I have been hanging out with some folks who are older than me. Still some of the complaints were hilarious, and they all have to do with having to read/know/hear about trivial and insignificant, not to mention dumb facts about other people's lifes who happened to eb "friends" with them.
Ok I had the same reaction, why log in or join facebook - Simple answer, need to be in the know.
So the only way out of this conundrum folks have would be to create several groups of friends/family etc.
Is Mark Zuckerberg listning?