Saturday, January 2, 2016

Another New Year

So another year just flew by, at least as per the Gregorian calendar, and it’s the time to reflect back and look forward. Although I have not yet figured out why the world does so only on one day of the year, (and why not every day), I embrace the popular sentiment to come up with my own reflections and aspirational resolutions (with expiry dates in the past).
As for the reflections, it appears to me that 2015 flew by very fast, the only upside of which was a firsthand experience with the theory of relativity of time. On one hand, oh how I would love to slow down time and continue to experience this age of innocence, discovery and pure bliss with my 4-year-old daughter. On the other hand, oh how I would love to speed up time such that my just turned teenager can quickly complete his experience of guilt, discovery and shades of evil.
The only other reflection worth reflecting about is that Starbucks has managed to sell copious amounts of crappy coffee to millions of Americans for one more year. However, I do believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, and am sure that the species Americanus Publicus will evolve and appreciate good coffee, one day. Till that time I continue to short SBUX and lose money.
I do have a whole lot of resolutions for 2016, one of which is to embrace brevity, mostly. So keeping with that I will limit my resolutions to a few and brief.
Live life everyday and let it happen.
Only thing constant in life is change, including the resolutions.
If you haven’t heard from me in 2015, I’ll definitely try in 2016.
Speaking of which – Wish you the best of everything, everyday.
Happy 2016 !