Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social media + three

Now that I have managed to get a Google+ account on the 4th day of the launch, and have sent the invite to all my eager and not so eager social circle, I am wondering about the future of all Social media sites. Once all those who are connected to me and all those who are connected to those who are connected to me, and all those who are not connected to those who could not connect to me, have seen the latest "out in the park with the kids" album posted by Jane....they will all collectively roll their eyes, let out a long sigh and wonder. Hope they do wonder, what next?

Really, what is next? We will probably conduct all our business of "digital" living online, and when we are not online, perhaps our avatar might still be conducting more of our digital business. Imagine the shot in productivity we can accomplish by letting loose a few of our selves online. Well, maybe not letting loose, but setting out for a list of tasks. If only I had 3 of my own digital bots, or avatars, I could give Bill Gates a run for his money.

I would name them Me, Myself and I. They would be identical to my personal self in all aspects, but only exist online. Me will be on Facebook, Myself will be on Google + and I will be on Twitter. (Notice there are only three of them, in any case LinkedIn is so passe.) The three of them, I mean me's, would represent myself online and do everything on my behalf, while I am actually doing some real work, or a lot of work.

Imagine the three of them can interchangeably troll on the other's site, without actually being labelled a troll, since all of them are essentially the same. So I can go to FB and myself can tweet, while me is on G+, all at the same time that the real real me is schmoozing the boss-woman.
Imagine also that I can have two more point of views and can take much smarter choices. But I do have to be careful and make sure that myself is providing honest opinions to me and vise versa.

What if the three of them start drinking the kool-aid of their respective social media sites, and get a little competitive amongst each other. What if the going gets tough and a full fledged digital war breaks out between me, myself and I. How will the real person me remain impartial between the three digital me's, as I can already see me drawn to the new and shiny G+. It will be tough for me and I to compete with myself, at least till there is a brand new social media site.

Well you get the point.